Alec Baldwin sued by family of cinematographer he killed

Alec Baldwin and the producers of the movie "Rust" are being sued by the family of Halya Hutchins, the cinematographer inadvertantly killed by the actor. They claim he recklessly shot at her, refused appropriate training in the on-set use of firearms, and that the production itself was cheap and unsafe.

In a statement on Tuesday, the family said Hutchins was "was recklessly shot and killed by Alec Baldwin" on the film set of "Rust." The lawsuit claims that Baldwin fired the revolver after he released its hammer, fatally injuring Hutchins in the side of her chest. Aaron Dyer, an attorney for Baldwin and other producers on the film, said in a statement Tuesday they are cooperating with authorities regarding the incident.

Baldwin is a good example of someone who seems an innocent (albeit still breathing) victim of someone else's mistake, who benefited from exonerative media coverage from the outset, but whose towering ego ensured he just would not stop talking about it until people start to wonder.

The Hutchins family's lawyer released a video purporting to show what happened on-set.