Man helps his Tinder date give birth

As if to perfectly counter the viral story of the Tinder Swindler (who used the dating app to pose as a billionaire and steal 10 million dollars from unsuspecting women), an Australian man has become the hero that Tinder both needs and deserves. In what has to be the greatest unused plot in the history of romantic comedies, Max Silvy, 25, helped his Tinder date deliver her child. When the couple first matched on Tinder, Alyssa Hodges, 20, was six months pregnant and open about her status as a mother-to-be. Taking the revelation in stride, Silvy pressed forward in his romantic pursuit of Hodges. After a few successful dates, Max and Alyssa found themselves in the plot of what could easily be a Hallmark movie.

Alyssa had been due to pick the 25-year-old civil servant up from the airport when her water broke at eight months and she had to meet him in the hospital instead, where she gave birth with Max by her side.

The couple is planning to move in together after being "bonded" by the experience. "And that, kids, is how you and I met your mother."