Jen Psaki tried to help Peter Doocy conquer his fear of Putin with a reframing technique

Jen Psaki acted not only as White House Press Secretary today, but came to the rescue of a frightened Peter Doocy, who needed help overcoming his fear of Russia's President Vladimir Putin.

When the Fox reporter complained that President Biden wasn't stopping Putin from intimidating the US, and that Putin "is intimidating to the United States and those in Eastern Europe," Psaki tried to teach him how to reframe.

"I'd hardly put it that way, I would actually look at it through the prism of — the United States and President Biden has rallied the world, rallied Europe, to stand up against the efforts and the actions of President Putin," she encouraged.

And when Doocy, still rattled, interrupted Psaki, trying to sidetrack her with talk about rising gas prices and asking how that isn't intimidating, Psaki set him straight (yet again). "You asked me if we were intimidated by President Putin and I think the evidence of that does not exist."