Check out this Alan Moore interview from the 80s

I'm not sure why most artists—writers specifically—become curmudgeons as they age, but it seems as inescapable a fact as the heat death of the universe. Despite my love for Alan Moore, his currently bitter disposition towards the comic industry can be a bit offputting. Unlike his equally revolutionary rival Grant Morrison, Moore rarely misses an opportunity to tout his importance while concurrently burying the comic industry as a whole. I still find Moore both endearing and hilarious, but it's hard to listen to his new perspective without becoming jaded about the industry through osmosis. It's hard to imagine a time when he was optimistic about comics. Luckily, thanks to the magic of video, we don't have to imagine. 

In the video linked above, an uncharacteristically affable Moore talks about his now-legendary run on Swamp Thing. Aside from getting into the mind of Moore, the interview also features a few surprise appearances from other comics legends: Len Wein and Karen Berger. The video dramatically contrasts the lovable yet cantankerous geezer that Moore has become in modernity.