These Customer-Focused Cannabis Delivery Services Let You Skip The Dispensary 

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Since the start of the pandemic, marijuana dispensaries have seen a 67-percent increase in nationwide sales. Online ordering, curbside pickup, and delivery of cannabis products also skyrocketed, and new delivery customer sign-ups jumped nearly 60 percent. So if you're ready to take the plunge and have cannabis products delivered right to your door, we've researched the best options available. After all, why trust some fly-by-night company when you have easy access to the best names in the cannabis delivery business?


Image via Eaze

Eaze is a cannabis marketplace that provides safe, legal access via on-demand delivery to adults across California and Michigan. As California's largest legal cannabis marketplace, Eaze brings the enjoyment and convenience of cannabis to its customers. Additionally, they also break down barriers to cannabis accessibility, and cultivate community in everything they do. With nearly 8-million cannabis deliveries to date, Eaze has committed itself to creating a more diverse and sustainable industry by educating consumers about cannabis products and sensible use and always ensuring safe, dependable delivery. 

How it works is simple. Before placing an order on Eaze's platform, customers are required to provide valid proof of ID. Once the order is placed, they're routed to one of Eaze's local, licensed retail partners. All deliveries are made by background-checked employees of their subsidiary and retail partners who verify the customer's ID for a second time during delivery. And Eaze's strict Code of Conduct ensures their platform is safe and trustworthy for customers, partners, and drivers.


Image via Emjay

Emjay is dedicated to creating the best cannabis delivery service in the world. That means having a bigger and better selection available at faster delivery times than anyone else, but for the same prices you'd find at the dispensary. To accomplish this lofty goal, Emjay established one of the only vertically integrated platforms in the industry. This means they own the proprietary rights to their dispensary and delivery infrastructure, so they train and hire their own delivery drivers. It's their belief that this is the best way to get the best products into the hands of the best customers. 

Sound too good to be true? Well, it isn't. At least not anymore. Receiving your first Emjay delivery is so simple. It all starts with signing up for their service and verifying your valid proof of ID. Once this is done, you choose your favorite products and place your order. Next, your products are packaged and delivered by one of the most professional couriers in the industry. For Emjay, the entire experience matters – from how you view our curated list of products to how they end up in your living room. You get all of the weed with none of the markup. It's a great marijuana delivery experience. 


Image via Amuse

Amuse delivers high-quality cannabis products safely and conveniently to your doorstep. The company is obsessed with delivering the freshest, coolest products available in your area. Once you share your location, Amuse offers California's widest selection of cannabis products from your favorite brands at everyday low prices, because Amuse puts affordability at the forefront. 

Next, you sign up and verify your email or phone number. This is followed by verifying your government-issued proof of ID. Finally, you just need to confirm your order, delivery time, and address, and Amuse will arrive at the agreed-upon time, guaranteed.