Now's your chance to get Babbel for $199, plus a chance at free airfare

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Who said learning multiple new languages from the comfort of your home can't be accessible or affordable? With just a click of a button, you can download the #1 language-learning app in the world developed by over 100 expert linguists.

Whether you've wanted to learn a new language or perfect a second one, there's a tremendous amount of possibilities with Babbel Language Learning. Normally $499, new subscribers can unlock 14 languages with over 10,000 lessons for $199. Plus, if you purchase between March 1 and March 15, you'll earn five entries into our "Are You Feeling Lucky?" giveaway with a chance to win flights for two anywhere in the world (up to a $5,000 value)!

With Babbel, you will get a variety of beginner to advanced level lessons in 14 different languages, and they're super easy to choose from and sort through. You can also practice on the go with 10- to 15-minute short video lessons or take your time with personalized review sessions to test your skills.

Learning a new language has many benefits. It can boost your chances of landing a jobgrowing in your career, and opening your mind to new cultures and travel experiences. The app's approach is very straightforward and sensible, making it simple for the whole family to enjoy.

You begin with interactive videos that show you the most common words and phrases used within the language. Then you'll progress to virtual and voice-activated, real-life conversations. If you ever feel stuck or lost in the process, there are helpful tips along the way to help with pronunciation. Once you feel ready to take it to the next step, you can pick hundreds of different topics to learn from. 

With over 10 million users worldwide and named "most innovative company in education" by Fast Company, it's worth taking a chance to learn something new and surprise yourself when interacting with others from different cultures and backgrounds. 

Don't miss out on this discounted Babbel Language Learning subscription for only $199 — a worthy investment in your personal and professional growth. Plus, you'll automatically be entered into our "Are You Feeling Lucky" giveaway if you purchase by March 15, 2022.

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