Save over 50% on Accointing Crypto Tax Software and make tax season a breeze

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April is primarily known for two wildly depressing occurrences: showers and taxes. The good news is you've found some income in the form of cryptocurrency. The bad news is you have to report it to the IRS (at least in the States, you do). And, while there's nothing better than going to jail for tax fraud, we'd like to think there's another option. So count your crypto coin the smart way with this Accointing Crypto Tax Software. We all get a little jumbled when trying to organize all of our tax forms so we, you know, don't have to wear orange for an extended period. Accointing makes sure you're all paid up to Uncle Sam for your crypto profits in the most efficient way. In just a few short clicks (five to be exact), it'll generate a customized report with the necessary 8949 Form, a TurboTax file that you can submit online or share with your favorite CPA. Featuring more than 300 integrations and handy dandy tools to count your crypto, this software automatically calculates your financial gains and losses. Then, it displays those results and additional insights on a cohesive and customized dashboard in lingo that any schmuck without an accounting degree can read. Plus, you'll gain real-time insight into cryptocurrency market performance, with alert setups offering instant updates that can pay off.  

Speaking of your favorite tax exec, you won't need to have them on speed dial this year (unless you're trying to write off that new Netflix account as a business expense, in which case, give them a shout). This software allows users to track their portfolio, import transactions, and ultimately file cryptocurrency taxes without worry.

Worried you won't have the right tools to get everything done in time? Don't be. This software is operational on any web browser, iOS, or Android device.

Find out why this software was proudly featured by big shots like Bloomberg and Yahoo! Finance (it was also named Best Portfolio Tracker at the 2021 Benzinga Fintech Awards, BTW). Get the Accointing Crypto Tax Software for $29.99 (Reg. $79).

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