U.S. government sues gentleman who says his $60 vegetable nostrum "works within minutes" to treat Covid-19

Andrew Martin Sinclair, who goes by the name Busta Sinclair, peddles 16-ounce plastic bottles of herbal tea advertised as having an "instant" positive effect on the immune system and "works within minutes" to treat Covid, hemorrhoids, chronic pain, asthma, erectile dysfunction, and other ailments. Sinclair's claims caught the attention of various branches of the federal government, including the DOJ and the FDA, and he is being sued for making false claims.

From the DOJ:

According to a complaint filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York, the defendants advertised that their herbal tea product, Earth Tea, could prevent or treat COVID-19, without competent or reliable scientific evidence to support those claims. Further, the defendants allegedly made deceptive statements about a scientific study to bolster their unproven COVID-19 claims. The complaint also alleges Earth Tea is an unapproved new drug the defendants are selling in violation of the FDCA. The complaint seeks civil penalties and other available equitable relief, as well as an injunction to stop the defendants from continuing their unlawful marketing and sales of Earth Tea.

Because it's always a good idea to make public statements regarding a lawsuit without legal representation, Sinclair has been tweeting prolifically about the allegations against him. "I think Authorities are mistaking Mr Sinclair for some idiot or some Herbal junkie who do not believe in science or thinks it's all about herbs etc," he said in a recent tweet. "Still reading these posts and articles. Sad. But thank you Jesus."