Watch: in 2014, Fox News said photo of Obama wearing bike helmet prompted Russian aggression against Ukraine

In this 2014 video, Fox News hosts express shock, concern, humiliation, and disgust over a photo of Obama wearing a helmet while riding a bike, especially compared to a photo of a manly Putin shirtless on a horse.

"Putin, big, strong, muscular on a horse," coos Sean Hannity. "Then there's Obama riding a little bicycle with a helmet on," he spits, "not like a real racing bike."

In fact, this photo was all Putin needed to see to realize he could invade eastern Europe with impunity, says sex pest Bill O'Reilly.

If only Obama hadn't worn that darn helmet eight years ago, Ukraine wouldn't be under attack today.

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Sean Hannity
There's one more thing that has many Americans including myself humiliated today. Take a look at the photo comparison of our Commander in Chief. There he is juxtaposed with Vladimir Putin. They have no respect for our president. For his weakness.

Fox Talking Heads
He wears a helmet when he rides a bike. The picture of him riding the bike with the with the bike helmet while Putin's got his shirt off… shirtless on the horse and all that and Obama was riding a bike with a helmet on. The picture says 1000 words… Oh my goodness.

Don Imus
Wanna talk about the Ukraine for a second…

Bill O'Reilly
It all began with a picture of President Obama on the bicycle with the helmet and now we're paying a price for that.

Sean Hannity
Putin, big, strong, muscular on a horse there's Obama riding a little bicycle with a helmet on, not like a real racing bike. I mean, just going out for leisurely… he's got the dumb hat on, dumb helmet on. This is humiliating. It's unnecessary. You deserve better. We as a country deserve better, and we can do better.