Ukrainian artist whose show was cancelled due to invasion now spends time building tank traps

Hyperallergic has a piece about Volo Benza, a Ukrainian artist whose Kyiv show opening was put on hold due to murderous foreign invaders intent on destroying his entire country. So, Volo decided, in his sudden free time, to put his welding skills to good use and is now building hedgehogs, anti-tank obstacles, to keep the advancing hoards at bay.

When the Russian bombardments began on February 25, Bevza and his girlfriend, Ukrainian artist Victoria Pidust, relocated to Vyshneve, a suburb of Kyiv, to hunker down with their family. Since then, the couple and other members of the family have fled to the city of Lviv in Western Ukraine, which is considered relatively safe.

The couple settled at a friend's house in Lviv, waiting for other members of their families to arrive from Kyiv. It's there that they heard about a group of local men, among them several artists, using an old metal workshop to construct anti-tank obstacles (also known as "hedgehogs"). Bevza immediately decided to join the effort and Pidust took a camera to document the men's work.

More at Hyperallergic.

Image: Screengrab from this video on hedgehogs in Urkaine