Australian government slammed over phallic logo for Women's Network

What a cock-up! The Australia Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet is under fire over the above new logo for the Women's Network which "champions equal opportunity on behalf of its members and is an inclusive volunteer-based organisation built by members, for members." (Heh heh, "members," heh heh). From

Yumi Lee at the Older Women's Network described the logo as "ludicrous" and "insulting".

"They have designed and used a logo for the Women's Network which, when you look at it, is so insulting to us. It just totally illustrates how out of touch they are," she told SBS News.

"It is demeaning, it is degrading, and it is a massive slap in the face."[…]

Despite a substantial list of questions from SBS News on the response to the logo, the Department of PM&C stated simply that the logo was designed internally.

"No external providers were engaged for this work," the statement read.