Dive into today's 3D virtual world with this 9-course AR development bundle

Whether you're just starting out as a developer or are desperately trying to keep up with today's digital trends, having a clear understanding of the metaverse is essential. This is especially true for today's developers, as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are constantly changing and growing, allowing for tons of great opportunities… if you know what you're doing, that is. 

While all things involving the metaverse can be a little overwhelming, there are great learning tools out there, like the courses offered in the 2022 Metaverse & AR Developer Bundle. This training can help you navigate this ever-growing sphere, and as an enrolled student, you'll have access to nine full-fledged online courses for $29, all exploring different types of game and software development as it pertains to AR and VR. 

If you're a game developer or interested in AR, this nine-course training can serve as your imperative investment in your future. That's because you'll get your hands on 10 hours of content and countless helpful lessons on topics like space-shooter AR game development, augmented reality exploration, AR apps for the retail industry, and so much more. There's even an entire course dedicated to pre-built systems in Unity's XR Interaction Toolkit, ideal for aspiring developers.

Each of the bundle's courses was designed by the brilliant minds at Zenva Academy, a world-class learning hub that's taught over a million students, providing the most in-demand programming skills in today's gaming, machine learning, and web development industries. Lastly, Zenva's instructors offer years of experience in these fields, earning them an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars by satisfied students across the board. 

The 2022 Metaverse & AR Developer Bundle is currently discounted to a mere $29, which is just under $2.50 a course!

Prices subject to change.