Build your own texting device and communicate freely with Chatter

With minimal to no online privacy and fraudsters like cybercrime call centers existing, it seems like it's impossible for any information we share to be truly private. Now there's a way to achieve complete privacy, which involves building a device from the ground up, using your own two hands.

Have you ever thought of creating your own private communication device with encrypted texting and emojis? Well, that can now be a reality with Chatter, a DIY security-first texting device with a private network — it's basically the 21st-century walkie-talkie! Chatter is a wireless encrypted communication device with well-equipped deconstructed components, requiring you to put the pieces together and take control. 

Chatter comes with two devices that are designed to communicate text messages, emojis, memes, and GIFs without using a cellular network or SIM card, but by using low-power wide-area technology to create their own encrypted network.

Not only are you the master engineer of your devices, but Chatter was also built to educate people on valuable skill sets they can apply for the rest of their lives. With these nifty communicators, you can learn about and practice coding, encryption, gridless communication, wireless networks, and cybersecurity. 

Once your Chatters are assembled, you'll be able to customize chat colors and profile avatars and generate functions like friend pairing, friend lists, notifications, and more. You can also code and load custom apps onto your Chatters. Chatter wants to prove to the world that we're capable of communicating with family and friends worry-free and without big corporations or the internet recording your every move — secrets are truly safe with Chatter.

Take matters into your own hands and invent your own private communication network with the Chatter devices, originally $149, but now on sale for $132.99

Prices subject to change.