Instagram artist Kizerilla turns fast food mascots into warriors

You've got to love artistic license. Watching an artist interpret a character through their unique lens is one of the best aspects of being a fan of their work . When a character has enough personality, it's almost an effortless task to reenvision them in a completely different style. However, when an artist turns their eye towards an innocuous design, visually overhauling a character becomes a Herculean endeavor.

Some might disagree, but I believe there's no branch of character design that is blander than those belonging to fast food mascots. How can you amplify the aesthetic of a character that was engineered to be as inoffensive as possible?

By allowing his imagination to run free, Instagram artist Kizerilla turned all of America's most beloved fast-food mascots into anime-style warriors. Each character sparkles with a unique design scheme and personality that compliments their brand. If you dig his fast-food fighter series, Kizerilla also has a slew of equally impressive drawings that anthropomorphizes video game consoles in his gallery.