Comic artist Rob Liefeld to publish new memoir

Comic book legend Rob Liefeld — a co-founder of Image Comics who created such iconic characters as Deadpool and Cable and Captain America with an absurdly huge chest — is planning to publish a new memoir looking back at his career (thought presumably focusing almost entirely on the 5 years during which he was popular and made a ton of money).

The title? Robservations. Yes, really.

From The Hollywood Reporter:

As a creator, Liefeld has had a front-row seat to a number of crucial moments in comics over the past 30 years and promises to offer a candid accounting of what went down.

The book chronicles Liefeld's trajectory from the son of a preacher in Orange County, California, to becoming a rising star at Marvel in the early 1990s, when his work on titles such as X-Force set sales records. He then went on to help disrupt the industry as one of the founders of Image Comics, which launched in 1992 with the premise that comic book creators could retain the rights to their work. In recent decades, Deadpool has become one of the biggest comic book characters in the world thanks to the films starring Ryan Reynolds.

Robservations is due out sometime next year. You can bet your pouches and shoulder pads that I plan to review the book once it's available.

Comic Book Creator Rob Liefeld to Publish Memoir [Aaron Couch / The Hollywood Reporter]

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