Mike Lindell accused a politician of murder, much to the shock of his host

My Pillow Guy, aka Mike Lindell, freaked out his show host on "Lindell TV" when he accused Colorado's Secretary of State Jena Griswold of murder.

"She will go to prison, prison, and more prison," the conspiracy theorist said, paying no heed to the $1.3 billion lawsuit against him for his Big Lies about voting machines and the 2020 election.

"Jena Griswold is a criminal beyond all criminals. One of the most evil people this country has ever seen," he said. "But I got news for you Jena, it's already too late, you already committed a murder and we caught you."

This caught the attention of his bored host, who seemed completely disengaged up to this point, looking down and shuffling papers. "A murder?!" he asked, leaning forward. "A murder? A murder?"

Like a kid being caught lying at the dinner table, Lindell stuttered out that it was just an analogy.

Via Raw Story