The trailer for HBO Max's Tokyo Vice looks killer

Crime dramas and television are the entertainment equivalents of butter and popcorn. Whether they're from the criminal or cop perspective, crime shows usually receive tons of ratings and rave reviews. Breaking Bad, The Sopranos, The Wire, The Shield, and a host of others exist as evidence: crime shows are big business. The challenge in creating a crime show comes from finding a unique angle around which one can frame the premise. Creating a new point of ingress into the world of unlawful activity for a jaded and knowledgeable audience is half of the battle in modernity. 

With the trailer for their new show Tokyo Vice, HBO Max has seemingly found an untapped vantage point, at least to Western audiences, from which to share crime stories. Based on the 2009 book, Tokyo Vice follows an American reporter that finds himself dealing with the Yakuza. Given HBO's history in the world of televised drama, I'm patiently waiting for this show to debut.