Apple's Studio Display has an A13 CPU, runs iOS and has 64 gigabytes of mostly unused storage

Apple's Studio Display is a handsome metal monitor with better speakers and microphones than competing models and a hefty $1600 tag. Though that's not an outrageous price for a 5K display (the 5K LG UltraFine it replaces was not much cheaper) Apple sells refurbed Intel 5k iMacs with a similar panel for only $1300! And that's a whole computer!

So you'll perhaps not be surprised to learn that the Apple Studio Display is itself an all-in-one, of sorts. It has an A13 processor, runs iOS, and even has 64 gigs of storage. It just does only one thing—act as a display—rather than the anything it might do.

The finding means that, overall, the Studio Display contains the exact same 2.65GHz A13 Bionic chip, 12MP Ultra Wide front-facing camera setup with Center Stage, and 64GB base configuration of storage as the ninth-generation ‌iPad‌. It is also now clear that the Studio Display has better specifications than the second-generation Apple TV 4K, which sports an A12 Bionic chip and a base storage configuration of just 32GB.

What a strange and wonderful thing it would be to get this thing running by itself, even if the result was just a giant weird iPad.