Laura Ingraham shames GOP for approving justices when Trump's approval was so low

Laura Ingraham was apparently plumb out of ideas yesterday when she babbled her most ridiculous criticism yet.

"Rushing to support a Supreme Court nominee of a president with what, an approval rating that always seems to be hitting new lows? That, my friends, is a violation of the basic sacred duty that each and every senator, himself or herself, has agreed to," she said, insinuating that Republican senators were violating their basic sacred duty when they supported all three of Trump's Supreme Court Justice nominees while Trump's approval ratings were some of the lowest in the history of U.S. presidents.

Donald Trump had a struggling approval rating that fell to 38.6% by the time he left office. He had only a 40.7% approval rating (according to Five Thirty-eight) on his 428th day in office — the day Ingraham made these faux comments — which was lower than Biden's approval rating of 42% on the same day.

It's interesting to see Ingraham turning on her own.