This 5-in-1 charging station, on sale for 31% off, doubles as a lamp

Beneath every seemingly clean office desk is an unruly mess of cords, cables, connectors, and chargers, just waiting to be disconnected or ripped out of the wall unceremoniously.

The 5-in-1 Wireless & Wired Charging Station, currently 31% for $54.95, may make your life easier by replacing your myriad cables and chargers with one efficient, modern device.  It has three wireless charging ports and one USB-A port so you can charge your phone, smartwatch, tablet, and laptop simultaneously.

MagSafe refers to magnetic technology from Apple, which was crafted to be a safety feature for charging cords. It also offers faster charging, a more simple attachment to devices and has become an integral part of Apple's newer products.

With this versatile charging station, you can power up to four devices at the same time, whether you have an Apple Watch, AirPods, iPhone, or other Qi-compatible Android phones and Bluetooth earbuds. Plus, the built-in Apple Watch Stand supports Series 1 through 6.

This charging station can also be placed on your bedside stand and used as a lamp with three brightness levels to boot. So, unplug by setting down and charging your iPhone and Apple Watch while you read a (gasp!) paperback book. Heck, you could charge your iPad (which you use to read books) and play card games from the App Store on your phone. The opportunities and choices are just about endless with this kind of versatility.

Instead of blowing out cheap chargers and overwhelming your electrical outlets at home, an investment of less than $60 can add a layer of ease to your electronic life. So whether you're gaming, working, or unwinding from a long day, the 5-in-1 MagSafe Wireless & Wired Charging Station is a worthwhile addition to your office or bedroom.

Prices subject to change.