AOC demands Supreme Court Justice Thomas resign for many reasons, including his seditious wife

US Congressperson Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is as upset as the rest of the United States should be over Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas's failure to remotely look impartial, or non-criminal.

The Hill:

Ocasio-Cortez is just the latest in a series of Democratic lawmakers and legal experts to intensify ethical scrutiny of Thomas in the wake of explosive reports last week that exposed his wife's aggressive efforts to help overturn former President Trump's electoral defeat. 

Those revelations raised fresh questions about the justice's refusal to step aside from related cases before the Supreme Court, including at least 10 rulings concerning the 2020 presidential election, without any indication of him recusing.

The ruling that has drawn the sharpest criticism came in January, when Thomas was the only justice who dissented in an 8-1 ruling that cleared the way for House investigators probing the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection to obtain Trump-era White House records.