Sandy Hook families reject Alex Jones's attempt to pay them off

Who does Alex Jones think he is, Prince Andrew?

Yesterday, the Infowars host offered to pay $120,000 to each of the families suing him. All the families rejected the settlement.

Jones is being sued for falsely claiming that the Sandy Hook massacre, which left 20 children and six adults dead, was a hoax perpetrated to ban firearms. The families of the murdered children were harassed and threatened by Jones's followers and are seeking damages. In one of the cases, the parents of Noah Pozner, a six-year-old who was the youngest victim of the massacre, said they have been forced to move seven times because of death threats from Jones's followers. They are currently living in a high-security community.

From USA Today:

Lawyers for the families rejected the settlement offer within a few hours, saying in court filings that it was a "transparent and desperate attempt by Alex Jones to escape a public reckoning under oath with his deceitful, profit-driven campaign against the plaintiffs and the memory of their loved ones lost at Sandy Hook."

Twenty first-graders and six educators were killed in the 2012 shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. The families of eight of the victims and an FBI agent who responded to the school sued Jones, Infowars and others in Connecticut over the hoax conspiracy. Jones has since said he believes the shooting did occur.

Jones also was found liable for damages in similar lawsuits filed in Texas by relatives of Sandy Hook victims, and also faces trial later this year.

Jones refused to attend a scheduled deposition in the trial, explaining that doing so would cause him "significant stress."