Introducing Printables, the 3D printing files repository from Prusa Research

Most people who have even a passing knowledge of the 3D printing space are likely familiar with Thingiverse, the 3D design files repository that grew up alongside the consumer 3D printer marketplace. After the site's parent company, MakerBot, was bought by industrial 3D printer juggernaut, Stratasys, it began to lose some of its community spirit and pioneering charm. It has a long-in-the-tooth interface. Ads showed up, along with a lot of bad prints. Then there was a massive user data breach. If only there was an alternative.

There has been, for the past three years,, another files repository run by a printer maker, Prusa. But the name PrusaPrinters was confusing to consumers, many thinking that you had to own a Prusa printer to access and use the files stored there (you didn't).

So, has now relaunched under the clearer, more inclusive name, Printables. This video runs through the features on the site and they look pretty sweet.

Image: Screengrab