This 3-in-1 UV sterilizer might protect you from dangerous bacteria on your phone

There's nothing quite as unsettling as realizing that the device you spend most of your day using might be ten times dirtier than most toilet seats. And there are other reasons that people feel concerned with germs right now, such as finding out that their favorite hand sanitizer may not be as protective as they once thought

Your phone is potentially riddled with bacteria, but you wouldn't want to constantly scrub it with harsh chemicals. So, where does one turn? Fortunately, the 3-in-1 UV Sterilizer with Wireless Charger by 3P Tech might just remedy this scary reality, and it has some bonus features that could make it worth your while.

According to Michael Schmidt, Ph.D., germs are actually drawn to our phones, "The only thing that microbes like better than human skin is plastic and glass. In other words, microbes are attracted to your smartphone, your earbuds, your tablet, and other products you likely use everyday," he explained. Philip Tierno Ph.D. also notes the potency of UV-C light and how it works, "This light has a range of effectiveness, which interferes and destroys the nucleic acids of bacteria and other microbes".

3P Tech claims this UV sterilizer may kill 99% of germs and bacteria using UV-C light, and environmentally friendly and non-toxic way of sanitizing. In addition, it has an aromatherapy feature that leaves your phone smelling fresh after each use. The great news is the cleaning potential is manifold, as this device may also help sterilize watches, glasses, keys, earphones, and more! And finally, this gadget even features a Qi charger, so you can juice up your phone wirelessly during sterilizing cycles. 

There are potentially countless unseen microbes living on your phones, watches, earphones, and other items, so you may want to protect yourself by sanitizing them. Usually, $149, this 3-in-1 UV Sterilizer with Wireless Charger is on sale right now for $39.99 or a 73% markdown from its original price.

Prices subject to change.