Here's how you can organize your browser for ultimate productivity

Do you ever log onto your computer at the beginning of your workday and realize you have no idea where to start? There are just so many tasks to keep track of each and every day! And it's not just that. While working online is a massive improvement over the analog days (who actually misses carrying around a TI-89 calculator and a pencil sharpener?), so much crucial information is thrown at you from the moment you sign on. There are news updates to observe, weather information to check, stocks to skim, emails to read — it's a lot to take in all at once.

Enter Start.Me Pro. This web productivity tool can completely transform your homepage, making it a more manageable version customized totally for you. It lets you organize your favorite bookmarks, so your most-needed pages are accessible, news and information sources your frequent are prominently displayed, and your calendar and to-do list are easily viewable. Having this vital information and tools organized and right on hand can save you valuable time otherwise spent searching for it. It's like the name implies! By allowing you to design your homepage, Start.Me aids you on your quest for productivity. 

While it's not its most defining part, we also dig how Start.Me allows you to make your homepage look precisely how you want it. You can adjust icon size, pick out pretty background photos, try out the dark mode — it's all customizable! Suddenly, your homepage looks more stylish and easier on the eyes. One G2 user noted in their review, "The interface is lovely, quite light and pleasing to the eye, and the best part is that everything is easy, simple to learn and use."

Right now, you can subscribe to Start.Me Pro Web Productivity for just $49 — that's 51% off. And once you're set-up, you can use Start.Me on mobile or desktop. With unlimited pages, widgets, bookmarks, and flexibility, Start.Me comes at a great price!

Prices subject to change.