TikTok allows man "hunting" down "non-binaries" to keep his account

A demented "Christian" TikToker posted a video (below), titled "Snipe, Hunting, Doing the Lord's Work," that showed him trying to round up "all the non-binaries" to throw into the back of his truck and take to the hospital.

He starts at a Motel 6, threatening a man, perhaps an employee, who looks utterly confused. "If you have any non-binaries here, I'm shutting this motherfucker down," he said. "I'm shutting this whole operation down."

Video jumps to him in the back of a buddy's car. "If you see any non-binaries, snatch 'em up!"

And to a woman working behind a counter: "If you got any non-binaries, I gotta pick him up and I gotta take them."

Later: "I don't understand where they're hiding. Are they in fucking camouflage?" And on it goes.

Whether staged or real is irrelevant β€” the video is, for obvious reasons, dangerous in many ways. And although TikTok removed the video (but not before others downloaded it), the man is β€” unbelievably β€” still on TikTok.