This top-rated six-course bundle can get you closer to becoming a cyber security pro

From hackers to competitors, there are many reasons why protecting a business in cyberspace is incredibly important. That's why the demand for online security experts is so high, as most companies store invaluable data, important tax information, funds, and more in the digital space. And if you're looking to become a cyber security expert, understanding the many online security solutions and systems is imperative. 

Lucky for you, learning your way around some of the best cyber security systems can all be done without you ever stepping foot in a classroom. In fact, as a student with the Complete 2022 CompTIA Cyber Security & PenTest Super Bundle, you'll have access to 6 comprehensive courses, all taught by dedicated cyber security specialists, complete with over 180 hours of content, invaluable hands-on lessons, and so much more.

From analyzing vulnerabilities and planning penetration tests to implementing complex solutions through unique strategies and frameworks, there's a lot to learn when securing a business's network. That's why this complete cyber security bundle can help you become confident while navigating through some of the most widely recognized security solutions, including CompTIA Security+, PenTest+, and CySA+. 

Each course was carefully curated by the brilliant minds behind iCollege, a highly respected e-learning hub specializing in everything tech, having partnered with Fortune 500 companies, businesses in Silicon Valley, and more. So it's no wonder each course has student ratings as high as 5 out of 5 stars, with over 360 students currently enrolled.

In addition to these highly informative courses, The Complete 2022 CompTIA Cyber Security & PenTest Super Bundle also has an entire course dedicated to preparing you for the CASP+, an entirely performance-based certification, deeming those who pass to be competent in risk management, enterprise security operations, and architecture, research and collaboration, and much more.

The Complete 2022 CompTIA Cyber Security & PenTest Super Bundle is deeply discounted to just $49, making it just over $8 a class.

Prices subject to change.