Video: Man with ax destroys masked musician's drum kit in public park

Andy Torres, 36, was recording himself playing drums on Saturday at 7am at Todd Longshore Park in Santa Clarita, California when a man with an ax aggressively expressed his dissatisfaction. Perhaps the video will become the basis of a music video. Perhaps it already is. From CBS News:

The 36-year-old musician had been learning how the drums, playing at sunrise and sunset while wearing a mask a part of a persona. He claimed that no one complained about his music[…]

Torres said his attacker struck his drum kit several times nearly destroying it before he threatened him again and while he captured the attack on his GoPro camera, he wasn't able to film the man pulling a gun on him. When Torres told the man that he captured everything on the tape, the man instantly changed his attitude and began to leave. 

Torres was able to capture the man's vehicle and license plate. He filed a report and turned the video over to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.