Video: Activists project Ukraine flag on Russian embassy in D.C. and Russians attempt to counter with a boring spotlight

Last night in Washington DC, a group of prankster activists illuminated the Russian Embassy with blue and yellow theater lights. The Russians attempted to counter with boring spotlights to wash out the colors but the activists were ready with a projector across the way to display a giant Ukraine flag on the building. From the Washington Post:

The effort was weeks in the making to secure donations of the lights and determine the specifications necessary to project the images from such a distance, said Benjamin Wittes, the editor in chief of Lawfare and a former Washington Post opinion writer.

"It was the most invasive, obtrusive, obnoxious thing that I could do to Russian diplomats that does not molest or do violence to their prerogatives as diplomats in the United States," Wittes said during one of several live feeds of the event. "I don't want to make it comfortable to be a Russian diplomat in the United States right now."