Learn about Marvel's leprechauns and mutant Himbo DILFs with Thom Dunn on the Cerebro podcast

Connor Goldsmith's CEREBRO podcast — "where a homo and his friends dive deep into the history of Homo Superior," also known as the X-Men — has been one of my favorite podcasts over the last two years. And I'm not alone: Ezra Klein is a fan, and Entertainment Weekly even named it one of the 10 best podcasts of 2021. I've shared a few episodes here as well, including Spencer Ackerman's wonderful exploration of the radical politics and Jewishness of Magneto.

I had the privilege of speaking to Connor for an episode focused on the X-Men's token Irishman, Sean Cassidy AKA Banshee. A three-hour deep dive into mutants and Irishness is basically what I was born to do, and I had a wonderful time doing it (which I hope comes through in the episode!).

In addition to being an absolute Himbo DILF, Banshee is also the long-time paramour of Moira MacTaggert, who was recently revealed to be the most important character in the Marvel Universe — a complicated but fascinating retcon that we got into on the episode, which recasts their relationship in an intriguing new light. We also talk about the difference between Irish and Irish-Americans, and breakdown some of the stereotypes that have plagued the character, including the IRA and Banshee's cop past, as well as his castle full of leprechauns who were the first to reveal Wolverine's real name. And of course, no discussion of Banshee is complete without bringing up his cousin, Black Tom, whose long-standing relationship with Juggernaut hasn't been canonically acknowledged as gay on-page, but like, c'mon, the subtext is even less sub than Juggernaut himself.

You can hear for yourself on your preferred podcast network.

Cerebro — Episode 074: Sean Cassidy (feat. Thom Dunn)