Alex Jones' companies file for bankruptcy

Alex Jones made tens of millions of dollars claiming that the Sandy Hook shootings were a hoax, among his myriad of other conspiracy theories, grifts and cons. His attacks on the childrens' parents ultimately led to court verdicts against him and the prospect of losing some of that spectacular wealth to his victims. But Alex Jones has a plan for his companies, including Infowars, Prison Planet TV and Infoward Health: "I declare bankruptcy."

Chapter 11 bankruptcy procedures put a hold on pending civil litigation while letting a business keep running as it prepares a turnaround plan. Infowars says in the filing that it has assets of $0 to $50,000 and liabilities of $1,000,001 to $10 million. Separately, a judge has ruled that Jones get back $75,000 in fines he paid to a Connecticut court for failing to appear at a deposition last month in a lawsuit over his assertions that the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was a hoax.