"Bad person… habitual liar" — former Madison Cawthorn staffer reveals what everyone already knows about him

A former caseworker and campaign aide for Rep. Madison "fun drives" Cawthorn (R-NC), Lisa Wiggins doesn't have anything good to say about her former boss.

"He's a habitual liar, and he's going to say and do anything he can to your face, but behind your back, he's completely opposite," Wiggins said in a recorded phone conversation with David Wheeler, the co-founder of the American Muckrakers PAC. "People need to know how this man really is…He's still got a lot of people fooled."

From The Daily Beast:

Wiggins, 46, filed a workplace complaint against Cawthorn, alleging he violated the Family and Medical Leave Act by rejecting her plea to take leave when she endured a series of family crises. In a litany of accusations, Wiggins further attested that Cawthorne systematically avoided speaking with constituents because "he doesn't care about" them and that his office is routinely stocked with more liquor than water bottles.