Man wants to pick up his family from the zoo and will drive over anyone who tries to stop him

This gentleman is on a mission to pick up his wife and children from the zoo. It is a matter of such urgent importance that he is willing to deal with minor impediments, such as police officers standing in his way, by simply driving his fine white Jeep through them.

This is an excellent example of a fellow who is not afraid to take matters into his own hands. He knows what he wants, and he will not let anything or anyone get in his way, especially not meddlesome police officers who think they know better than him. This is the kind of man who gets things done.

Unfortunately for him, the "fuzz" is not so easily discouraged. They chase the driver down and give him a tazing, which he seems surprised to receive.

In the meantime, what happened with his wife and children? Are they still at the zoo, subsisting on a diet of Dippin' Dots and kettle corn? Are they stealing straw from the primate enclose to make their bedding? Are the children being raised by wolves? We need answers.

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