Watch this new heart-pounding edit of last year's South African armored car heist

YouTuber preposteRUSS says, "Using rarely seen front and back camera angles from the actual N4 highway assault in Pretoria, South Africa that went viral in 2021, I edited together a real-time action sequence so you can see exactly what went down in this daring escape."

From the YouTube description:

On April 22, 2021 Security officers Leo Prinsloo and Lloyd Mthombeni were escorting goods when they came under attack by a gang of criminals.

Leo: "Unfortunately the criminals in our country are well-informed, and both former and current police and military have been arrested in connection with the bad guys. Because of that, the hit can come anytime during your work shift. You have to be at the top of your game the whole bloody day. This time the first shots came just 15 minutes after we started the job, half past 10 in the morning. The modus operandi for the jackers is to come from behind and open fire on the guards. No warning. They want to obstruct the windows, and if possible take out the crew so that they can get to the vehicle easily. They come ready to kill, and the justice system isn't any kind of deterrent. From the first shot to the last, 13 rounds struck the vehicle, and more than 30 were fired at us. It was the first time that I had been in a gun exchange since I left the police 17 years ago. Once we got to the hotel carpark where the chase ended, I hoped to push the Audi through the spiked barriers and puncture his tires so that they couldn't get away. I spun him sideways, and he ended up on the concrete sidewalk. Our truck also got stuck on the concrete barriers. The driver of the car jumped out and ran, which is when I jumped out with my rifle. I made the decision that he wasn't a shootable target in that public place. He ran across the street and got away, to my great frustration."