This at-home beverage carbonator might revolutionize your drink game

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Carbonated water has been the water connoisseur's go-to for quite some time. From sparkling mineral water sourced in the Alps to cans of Canada Dry seltzer, carbonated water comes in many forms. However, they all give that extra oomph to your ordinary glass. So if you enjoy drinking carbonated water (or any carbonated beverage, really), a beverage carbonator is a must-have to round out any list of kitchen essentials. And the Drinkmate is the perfect candidate. 

The Drinkmate: Sparkling Water & Soda Maker with 60L CO2 Cylinder is a one-stop-shop for all your beverage carbonation needs. This easy-to-use device not only carbonates water but can also carbonate any beverage (juice, tea, whatever you can think of). Best of all, the Drinkmate is currently on sale for only $99.99, down from $115.

The Drinkmate comes ready to use with a generous 60L CO2 tank which powers the device. No electricity or batteries required. Just load the cartridge and start fizzing. But what truly sets the Drinkmate apart is it's the first carbonated beverage maker to come to market.

Using an at-home beverage carbonator is highly environmentally friendly. A single Drinkmate CO2 cartridge has enough gas to keep up to 150 plastic bottles out of circulation and therefore out of our oceans, drastically reducing an individual's carbon footprint. Not only is the Drinkmate better for the planet, but it might also benefit you. According to the University of Chicago Medical Center, drinking carbonated water has been shown to have several health benefits

Users love the Drinkmate, which earned 4.8/5 stars on The Spruce Eats. One verified customer raved, "Does a great job of carbonating wine, cocktails and many other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages without making a big, foamy mess. Does just fine carbonating water, too."

Step up your at-home libations just in time for summer with savings on the Drinkmate, now just $99.99.

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