Save 32% on this bidet and stay sparkly clean in all the right areas

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Feeling a little icky? Dirty? Possibly, even unhygienic? We're sure you shower daily and brush your chimp-like chompers twice as much, but sometimes getting a good clean feel comes from a much different place. This SlimEdge Bidet is precisely what you've been looking for to get that good clean feeling.

There's no shame in stepping up your clean hiney game, and the SlimEdge Bidet is here to make that a reality. With a sleek incline that is 50% thinner than competing products, no one will ever know you're regularly trying to get an ultimate clean. The comfort control knob gives you a diver's seat position in how gentle or full force your derriere detail will be, while the dual nozzle gives you a deep rinse either in the front, the rear, or both!

And, by the way, there's no need to call a plumber to install this bidet. It comes with everything you need to do a little toilet tweaking on either your round or elongated toilet. The metal components include solid brass valves, so everything is super sturdy. And while some bidets require a bit of electricity in the form of a wall outlet, this bidet only uses your freshwater supply and your dreams of a tidy tush to operate. 

If all of that doesn't get you to sign the paperwork, at the very least, using the SlimEdge would make you somewhat of an environmentalist. Just think about all of the trees and animals who live in them you'd save by not using as much toilet paper. Also, the Rainforest conservationists might name a new tree after you. (We're not quite sure of the status of said tree, but it will exist nonetheless.)

Get the SlimEdge Bidet for $39.99 (Reg. $59).

Prices subject to change.