What's actually inside the math books that Florida banned?

If you've been wondering what was in the math textbooks that were deemed too full of "Critical Race Theory" and otherwise too radical to be included in Florida grade school curriculum, here's the big reveal. Spoiler alert: Of the 8 books that journalists at Popular Information were able to get a hold of (four K-5 and four middle and high school), they found nothing of the sort.

Popular Information found nothing in the K-7 books that seemed even remotely triggering and all they found in the other books was one math problem that used data about racial bias, one that used sickle cell anemia data, and a few sidebar bios of African-American mathematicians.

What the journalists suspected may have been "offensive" in the K-5 material (which comprised 71% of the books rejected) might come under the heading of Social Emotional Learning. SEL is about teaching kids emotional skills, kindness, confidence, etc. As the journalist says in the interview, the Right is now conflating SEL with CRT, seeing SEL as a gateway drug to other leftwing ideas like Critical Race Theory, LGBTQ+ rights, etc.

Disturbing stuff.

Image: LearningLarkCC BY 2.0