Satanic Temple sues elementary school which wouldn't let it run an After-School Satan club

Days after after being denied the opportunity to run an After-School Satan Club by a school board in York County, Pa., the Satanic Temple has filed a lawsuit to force them to either let them in or to shut down all the godbothering Christian stuff going on there of an evening.

"The First Amendment prohibits a government from considering the popularity of communicative activity when determining whether to facilitate that communicative activity on equal terms with other, similarly situated, groups," he said. … "If they deny us the use of a public facility, which they have no right to do it'll have to move into litigation, costly litigation that the community is going to have to pay for," Greaves told FOX 43 after the club was voted down.

As trolling goes, "meet me at the elementary school ASS Club" is exquisitely timed.