This personalized music platform might help you stay focused, and it's $40 now

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Listen. We're writers, so we know how it feels to get a little sidetracked trying to push the creative juices to get the job done. WiredVibe could help you stay on task if you have trouble staying productive. This personalized music for focus can make you feel ready to take on whatever life throws at you, even if you'd rather poke your eyeballs out than finish the task at hand. 

WiredVibe is an excellent addition to anyone's workload artillery. It can help you become more productive and take care of yourself while doing so. The concept is super simple: Provide neuroscience-based visual and sound therapy optimized for getting work done while being incredibly user-friendly. 

The platform is powered by AI, leaving little room for human error, and everything adapts in real-time to your personal inputs. Using methods like a Pomodoro Timer, to-do lists, full virtual video workspaces, and a little sound therapy, WiredVibe could help you get your act together for that big presentation, exam, research proposal, or anything else you have to pour your heart and soul into. 

The big question is, how? Tested by the University of Michigan and KAIST Daejeon University, digital workspaces are proven to produce an excelled productivity rate. WiredVibe takes it a step further by optimizing around alpha, beta, and theta waves in a 3D sound environment, which can positively impact brain activity and stimulation. As a result, you might spend less time distracting yourself and more time actually working productively. 

The best part? This platform won't expire, so even if you move on from stressful jobs or no longer live by deadlines, you can fire up WiredVibe whenever crunch time finds its way back into your life. Right now, you can subscribe to WiredVibe Personalized Music for Focus for $39.99, down from $1,198.

Prices subject to change.