I have been riding my homebrew Peloton for 5 years now

I first reported on my DIY Peloton back in 2018 after using it for a year. 4 years later I thought I might finally have broken the bike, but I was wrong. Aside from replacing my cycling shoes, the batteries for my sensors, and some worn-out padded cycling shorts — I've had hundreds of rides and paid around a quarter of the cost.

Spinning remains my favorite cardio/HIIT/core helping way to exercise. I was first introduced to spinning as an alternate-day exercise when marathon training. I hated running and loved spinning, so it became my regular thing. I would have to wake up extra early a few times a week and sign up for the classes I wanted because limited space at my gym was always in my way. When I heard about the Peloton service being available via the app and without buying a bike, in 2017, I set about building my bike.

The Sunny Bike has a heavy flywheel, seems to be made out of the heaviest materials possible, is a decent geometric fit for my long torso, shorter legs 5'11" frame, and only cost me $374 at the time. They are now $30 or so less. Over the last 5 years, I have cleaned it. I have once adjusted some screws, in the first year, to stop some squeaking. Aside from that this bike has been fantastic.

I thought I had somehow broken the Sunny Bike after a several-week exercise hiatus, as the bike was making a terrible scraping sound when I pedaled, and resistance seemed really weird. I quickly realized that an ax I keep next to my backdoor had slipped and the handle was rubbing on the flywheel. The bike is absolutely just fine. It even survived a move from Northern to Southern CA in a movers truck. Can't say the same for my Hammond.

Batteries on my Wahoo heart rate and cadence sensors die sometimes, so I replace them. So far even the elastic band for the heart monitor has held up but does look like a replacement will be needed soon.

I blew out a pair of Shimano cycling shoes and bought an even cheaper pair to replace them. They are never used outside of spinning so I dunno why I'd want nicer ones. My cycling shorts need replacing every few years. The pads do wear out and no one needs discomfort down there. The gel pad I put on the bike's seat is also feeling like a replacement might be in order.

The only real loss or change to the system I can report in the years and years of service this bike has given me is the iPad 2 I was using to run the Peloton app did stop being able to update the app and work with the service. I got 11 or so years out of that iPad 2, so I don't really lament its passing. I am now using my iPad Pro and no longer have the convenience of a dedicated screen for the bike, but it doesn't bother me enough to look for a cheap Android tablet or other replacement.

I still pay around $13/month for the Peloton service vs the $49 it costs with their bike. Go figure. I can't understand buying their bike.

Here's the last time I updated on the bike, in 2020.