Wonderful 1936 witness sketch of Loch Ness Monster looks like a cute Pixar character

In 1975, the Royal Scottish Museum received this incredible sketch, purportedly drawn in 1936 by someone who spotted Nessie emerging from the water near Drumnadrochit on the west shore of Loch Ness. Apparently the drawing has been carefully cataloged in the Museum's "Monster Files." From the Inverness Courier:

From devil dogs to sea serpents to the yeti, the files include folder after folder of accounts and correspondence to its keepers about the alleged monsters.

In a blog, Monster Files the museum states: "Our collections reveal how over the years these fascinating sightings, theories and 'evidence' demonstrate the hold these cryptids have had on our collective consciousness."[…]

The sketch was reported to have been by a man from Galloway who described the monster as "fleshy and flabby" with a "mangy appearance" and was sucking the weed from stones.

Mr Lyster did not find it strange that the witness had not come forward previously.

"Several of the people I have spoken to who have seen the monster have been very reluctant to speak of it for fear of ridicule," he wrote.