This laser measuring tool is the first of its kind, and it's over $100 off

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Whether you're an architect, electrician, general contractor, or just trying to boost your home's value, laser distance measurers can be lifesavers. There's nothing quite like a measurer with pinpoint accuracy when working on projects that require utmost precision. And we have an innovative option that might be worth looking at.

The VH-80, billed as the world's first bilateral laser distance measurer, is currently 40% off for $149.30 and features new levels of flexibility. Plus, you can enter code VH80 at checkout for an additional $5 off.

Not only does the VH-80 give you freedom within an individual measurement, but it allows for myriad measurements in tons of places. Say, for example, you're renovating your front porch. You may need to determine the space between two decorative pillars, the distance from the front windows to the edge of the porch, and more.

The VH-80 is perfect for that kind of project, projects smaller, projects bigger, and just about anything you can think of. As the VH-80 works, it captures three measurements with each use: to the left, to the right, and a combined total number. As a result, this superb piece of technology takes away so much of the legwork that can make hands-on projects a pain.

Sure enough, the VH-80 takes away the cumbersome tape measure and continuously measures and captures the area (one flick of the wrist) and volume of a space (three flicks of the wrist). In addition, you can record up to nine measurements on the related smartphone app with a live recording. 

This helpful gadget got its start via Kickstarter and has an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon out of more than 230 reviews. Verified five-star customer Maria S. wrote, "This device eliminates the need to carry a tape measure and the need to have a second person hold the end of the tape measure," 

You may spend more money on one botched project redo than with the VH-80 itself. So don't cut corners with your rickety old tape measure and level. Take advantage of this 40% off deal on the VH-80: The World's First Bilateral Laser Distance Measurer and use code VH80 for an additional $5 off.

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