A truculent turkey at a DC park attacks a woman using a bike as a shield (video)

An ill-tempered turkey has a bone to pick — as in pecking, clawing, and attacking — with anyone who crosses his path on the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail in Washington DC. For example, in the video below, shot by musician DeDe Folarin, the angry bird is charging at a woman who uses her bike as a shield. "Can you help?" she asks Folarin, who says, "I'm coming, I'm coming." Last month the feathered foe came after Folarin, knocking him off his bike and chasing him around for five minutes, according to HuffPost. The turkey has been in a foul mood since last fall, when he showed his ornery side with a couple of park guides, but every time they try to capture the tom so that they can relocate him, he high-tails it outta there.