Another Turkey attack, this time in Massachusetts

The turkeys are at it again! Boing Boing reported last month about a gang of turkeys causing trouble in Shuswap, Canada. Now we've got news from Woburn, Massachusetts about another group of about five wild turkeys "engaging in mayhem" in one neighborhood. Oscar Margain at NBCBoston reports:

Meaghan Tolson lives under constant attack from some unruly neighbors in Woburn, Massachusetts — a flock of about five wild turkeys that roam freely on Nashua Street.

"I am being described as the turkey whisperer," said Tolson. "You definitely hear them before you see them."

About two years ago, Tolson began to find them in her front yard.

"It started with one turkey. His name is Kevin. I named him," she noted.

They usually come out at sunrise and sunset looking to feed and cause some mayhem. Everyone is fair game.

For video and more terrifying tales from the locals, check out the article here. And be careful out there—I think the turkeys are finally seeking revenge for all of those Thanksgiving meals.