Save over 50% off this efficient fire starter kindling kit

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The joyous feeling of pulling into your secluded, wooded campsite an hour before sunset can quickly melt into frustration when you realize you have only cumbersome, entire pieces of firewood rather than kindling. So now, you race against time (trying to avoid having to chop firewood by the light of your headlamp or gas lantern) and create kindling with your hatchet. Or, at least you do your best. 

Instantaneously, that emotionally recharging camping trip becomes much more stressful than it needs to be. But with the FIRE PACK 5, currently 56% off for $21.99, you can use all-natural materials to quickly, safely, and efficiently ignite your campfire, barbecue grill, fireplace, or any other gadget that might need an open flame.

This handy fire starter kit utilizes extracted natural coconut oil and ignites firewood (even damp firewood) in just a few minutes. You can use a match or lighter to get the fire going, and even better, it's environmentally friendly, unlike charcoal briquettes and those unhealthy gases they emit when ignited.

The FIRE PACK 5 weighs less than three ounces, can easily be added to your car camping or backpacking gear — as well as emergency and survival kits — and is clean and easy to use without creating a mess. 

Here's how it goes down. First, ignite one of the paper packs containing four rolls or open the pack and use the rolls one by one. Once ignited, wait between 40 and 50 seconds before putting firewood around the pack. Then, you're golden and en route to an epic campfire, delicious BBQ meal, or cozy wintertime fire in your living room in front of the fireplace.

Firewood may not be expensive, but the hassle of creating kindling, or in some cases, starting a fire with lighter fluid, is just not worth it. Take advantage of the FIRE PACK 5 for $21.99 or over half off.

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