Maxwell Berry, taped to seat for groping 2 flight attendants and punching a third, gets 60-day sentence

Last year, Maxwell Berry (23) of Norwalk, Ohio was duct-taped to his seat on a Frontier flight after groping the breasts of two flight attendants, punching a third crew member, walking around the cabin shirtless, and boasting about his parents' wealth, pleaded guilty to three counts of assault and was sentenced to 60 days in jail.

From The New York Times:

Mr. Berry's lawyer, Jason Kreiss, had argued in a memo to the court that he should not go to jail for the crime, saying that what he had done that day was out of character and that he had already suffered a severe punishment in the form of damage to his reputation.

But in an interview on Tuesday with an ABC affiliate in Florida, WPLG, Jordan Galarza, the flight attendant whom Mr. Berry struck, called the 60-day sentence "a disgusting miscarriage of justice."

"He made an enemy of everyone on that flight," Mr. Galarza said. He also defended the way Mr. Berry was physically restrained. Although it "looked a bit barbaric," Mr. Galarza said, "the people on that aircraft saw justice happen — more than what we saw today."

In a statement, Berry's lawyer said, "He's a really good kid from a great family, who was punished for his worst day. Although we don't believe 60 days was necessary based on Max's significant self-reform and other mitigating factors, we respect the judgment of the court."