California couple returns from trip to find a flock of birds inside their home

Gary and Patti Reitemeyer returned from a trip to their Redding, California home to find hundreds of swallows hanging out in their living room, apparently having entered via the chimney.

"We open the door and it's like an Alfred Hitchcock movie," Gary Reitemeyer told KRCR. "There were birds flying everywhere. I mean, it was crazy. We were ducking and dodging."

It took Gary Reitemeyer several hours to usher all the birds out the door. They called a damage restoration company to clean up the mess.

"You can't get all that bird stuff out of the furniture," Gary Reitemeyer said. "So all of the furniture is gone, all of the carpet is gone, the blinds are gone…everything. Everything is gone."

Unfortunately, KRCR reported, "the Reitemeyer's soon learned that their homeowner's insurance will not cover this bizarre incident. Their insurance provider, State Farm, told them they have an 'exclusion' on their policy in regards to birds; they will not pay the claim."