This keyboard's antimicrobial coating can keep your most-used computer accessory clean

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Nobody needs to be reminded that the world is much more aware of bacteria, germs, and viruses than it has been in recent memory. But there's plenty of information that suggests we should have been more cautious and sanitary all along. 

As humans, we constantly carry, share, move, touch, and spread germs, so one has to wonder what things are actually safe to touch? And just how many germs are on the things we handle most, like doorknobs, smartphones, or keyboards? Fortunately, you can put that last worry to rest thanks to the AZIO KB540.

The KB540's exterior is coated with an antimicrobial powder, which AZIO claims is designed to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and protect the surface against germ build-up. It's also sealed with an additional internal closure, making it washable and adding another layer of protection. The waterproof keyboard is also easy to use: Simply plug the USB cable into your laptop's USB port, and you're good to go. It's also stylish, offering three backlight colors — red, blue, and purple — for maximum visibility. 

A product like the KB540 is appealing in its own right, so it's no surprise that customers are leaving rave reviews. The keyboard has a 4.6 out of 5-star rating on Amazon alone across over nine thousand reviews. One verified user was thrilled by the KB540's efficiency, stating, "Love the large fonts, impressive sleek design, and it works seamlessly with my Mac Pro. There's a generous palm rest area. Nice and quiet typing operation – feels so satisfying when typing." Another verified purchaser was thrilled by the product's strength and sanitary options, "Washable and feels durable. Great keyboard."

Right now, AZIO KB540 Antimicrobial Mac Keyboard is available for just $45.99.

Prices subject to change.