These fun party card games are a great way to learn what makes your friends blush with embarrassment

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If there's anything you learned from being holed up for two years, it was the importance of a good distraction. While the world burned into fiery ashes, we were busy putting together puzzles, playing board games, and putting great value on a good deck of cards. Now that we've got a fresh perspective on things, we can't forget the things that once made us whole. These party card games are the perfect addition to game night with your pals to make up for all of that lost time. Grab one or all of them while they're on sale.

Bad People Party Card Game – $19.99; originally $24

Okay, so maybe your friends aren't bad people, but this game will have you second guessing that. It's a horribly fun game that involves a dictator and a whole host of your friends going through an identity crisis. In the end, the person who proves to be the worst actually ends up being the best and becomes the winner. This is a great way to find out what your friends think about you, crappy things they've done in life and questionable things they would do for the sake of fun. It's obviously not super wholesome, so keep the family at bay.

Pick Your Poison Party Card Game (NSFW) – $19.99; originally $24

Speaking of things not being family-friendly, this deck of cards also advises you to keep your coworkers out of gameplay. It's a would-you-rather type game, with the winner being whoever at the table's cheeks are the least rosy. There are 300 cards in this deck, so you really could sit around for hours exploring one another's most embarrassing admissions. You'll uncover which of your friends would go that extra mile to make life interesting, as well as form some strong judgments about people you thought were clean as whistles. It's a great time, we swear. 

Liar Liar Party Card Game – $16.99; originally $19

And last but certainly not least, here's a game that can snuff out which of your friends are horrible liars and which are straight-up sociopaths. This deck of cards teaches you how to trick your friends, cultivate a good poker face, and let your hair down a little bit. With 300 topics cards, you can roll with the lies for what feels like days (just make sure you go back to being a truth-teller when it's all over, no one likes a fibber). If you can tell who the best liar is, you'll win the whole shebang. This game is also great for anyone 10 and up, so the kiddos can get a kick out of it too.

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