May 10, 1986: Rock Me Amadeus hit number on the UK Pop charts

Music is a lot more international today than in previous eras. Sure, there were always bands and acts that transcended their nations of origin to become global icons, but it's easier to "cross over" than ever before. I mean, who would've thought that millions of American girls would be obsessed with Korean bands in the 80s? One of the earlier examples of a foreign song invading American airwaves was Flaco's "Rock me Amadeus."

"Rock me Amadeus," based on the hit film Amadeus ascended to the top of the UK charts on May 10, 1986, having been an American sensation in March of that same year. In both America and the UK, "Rock me Amadeus" is the only song from Austria to sit at the apex of the charts. If you want to take a trip back in time, check out the video linked above for a flashback to 1986.